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CKUA’s Hidden Track podcast brings you stories that change the way you hear music. We’ll get to the heart of the song with the musician who wrote it, reflect on a landmark recording with the producer who helped shape it, or examine the legacy of a musical icon with the person who knew them best. Whoever the guest, we'll provide a moment of discovery you won’t soon forget.

Nov 1, 2021

They were alt-country before alt-country. By the time that became a buzz term in the mid-‘90s, Jr. Gone Wild had a legendary career, and called it a day. Over 25 years later, the Alberta music scene remains imprinted by the band's work. The cow-punk trailblazers are back with their first album in 25 years, ‘Still Got The Jacket’. On this episode, Grant Stovel talks with Corb Lund, Stony Plain founder Holger Petersen, and Jr. Gone Wild’s Mike McDonald about the band’s incredible legacy and exciting future.