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CKUA’s Hidden Track podcast brings you stories that change the way you hear music. We’ll get to the heart of the song with the musician who wrote it, reflect on a landmark recording with the producer who helped shape it, or examine the legacy of a musical icon with the person who knew them best. Whoever the guest, we'll provide a moment of discovery you won’t soon forget.

May 31, 2019

Kat Danser's chance encounter with Al Green in a parking lot in Memphis was part of an experience that put her on a path to a place in her life that she could never even have dreamt of when she was growing up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan. It’s a voyage of discovery that’s involved travelling thousands of miles, while making an inward journey that led her to become Canada’s Queen of the Swamp Blues. On the eve of her induction into the Edmonton Blues Hall of Fame, Grant Stovel talks to the musician and ethnomusicologist about her journey into music at 33, and her Ph. D studies in blues and roots music of the American south.