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CKUA’s Hidden Track podcast brings you stories that change the way you hear music. We’ll get to the heart of the song with the musician who wrote it, reflect on a landmark recording with the producer who helped shape it, or examine the legacy of a musical icon with the person who knew them best. Whoever the guest, we'll provide a moment of discovery you won’t soon forget.

Dec 1, 2021

Amos Garrett's solo on Maria Muldaur's "Midnight at the Oasis" has often been cited as the greatest solo of all time. By the time he played on that 1973 hit, he'd already performed with Ian & Sylvia and Anne Murray. That's just the beginning of a legendary career of the most revered guitar stylists in all of roots music. He's recorded with everyone from Paul Butterfield to Emmylou Harris to Stevie Wonder; guitar gods like Vernon Reid and Jimmy Page have pointed to Amos as an influence. On this episode, we put the spotlight on Famous Amos, the Fishin' Musician, with guests Holger Petersen, Maria Muldaur, Michelle Josef, and Clayton Linthicum of Kacy and Clayton.